Noble will offer Special Operations Equipment to the Department of Defense under a new contract with the Defense Logistics Agency. An image shows soldiers along a road using vision enhancement equipment.
Partner with Noble and TSSi

Special Operational Equipment Tailored Logistics Support Program

Become an SOE TLS Supplier

Learn how your company can partner with Noble and our subsidiary, TSSi, to provide the U.S. Department of Defense and Federal Government with Special Operational Equipment (SOE).

Noble and TSSi are one team.

We work with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Troop Support Construction & Equipment to provide supply chain management, a single point to consolidate fulfillment of requirements, 24/7 support, custom system integration, and infrastructure of operations centers and warehouses to maintain supply and facilitate delivery.



SOE Categories

Supplier Partnership Opportunities

Noble and TSSi support our Nation's warfighters, emergency responses to natural disasters, and many other diverse needs of the DoD, U.S. Federal Agencies, and state and local governments. 

The Special Operational Equipment (SOE) Program provides responsive, high-quality products at fair and reasonable prices to military installations, federal agencies, and other Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard customers worldwide. 


    SOE Product Categories include: 

    •  Aerospace
    •  C5ISR
    •  EOD
    •  Expeditionary
    •  Fire & Emergency Services
    •  Maritime
    •  Medical
    •  Tactical 

    Benefits of Becoming a Noble Supplier

    Our contract pipeline offers 40 different ways to fulfill customer requirements. Our contract ceiling of $40B extends a wealth of opportunities to our suppliers to reach these government markets.

    • Access to DoD Special Operational Equipment, MRO, and emergency services equipment business worldwide
    • GSA supply fulfillment globally
    • USPS supply fulfillment in all states
    • Multiple NASPO ValuePoint state contracts
    • On-the-shelf item placement at Noble’s military base stores
    • Supplier events designed to further relationships and maximize opportunities