Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility


NOBLE strives to make a difference for our customers, our employees, our community, and our country. NOBLE adheres to the highest legal and ethical standards in our business. NOBLE management believes that a company’s reputation for integrity is its most valuable asset.


NOBLE started out as a family business. As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our team and the definition of family; every day we strive to retain our spirit of supporting each other, going the extra mile for our customers, and developing better approaches to getting the job done. Vital to that spirit is NOBLE's dedication to strong business ethics.

NOBLE's practices promote integrity, customer satisfaction, respect for our people, and quality products and services. The purpose of this Code is to provide a framework for the standards of conduct we must follow in our business dealings. Each member of the NOBLE Team has the responsibility to read, understand, and uphold our rules of ethical behavior.

Our Code of Business Ethics demands the high level of ethical standards and personal integrity that is reflected in everything we do. At the same time, we expect our employees to exercise good judgment and maintain high ethical standards in activities that affect the company. Each of us is held to these standards.

At any time, you may address any questions, concerns, or issues directly to your supervisor or a member of the management team. NOBLE is committed to maintaining a safe, comfortable, and ethical environment for each of our employees.


Tom Noble, CEO

NOBLE Commitments

  • To make a difference for our customers, our employees, our community, and our country
  • To offer solutions that make our customers’ jobs easier
  • To provide a workplace that rewards innovation, problem-solving, and teamwork
  • To always respect the U.S. taxpayers, our community, and the environment

NOBLE is committed to providing our employees with an ethical and safe work environment while serving our customers with professional services. An effective compliance and ethics program can help mitigate risks to the company, limit our exposure to criminal and civil liability, and ensure our obligations to our customers, our business partners, and our community are met with the highest possible standards. No business goal, no matter how vital to the company or its personnel, will justify the violation of any of NOBLE's policies.

Our Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, and our Policies and Procedures present our expectations for all NOBLE employees, whether they are supporting our customers, or in any way representing our company.

Noble’s Corporate Commitments

  • Equal Opportunity
  • Commitment to Customers
  • Commitment to Suppliers
  • Commitment to the Environment
  • Commitment to Sustainability
  • Commitment to Our Community
  • Compliance

If you have any information related to any potential non-observance of NOBLE's Corporate Code of Conduct, we welcome and encourage you to contact Noble’s Compliance Director via email at Alternatively, reports may be submitted through the independently managed Ethics and Compliance Hotline. Reports to the Hotline can remain anonymous, as required by FAR 52.203-13(c). The Hotline is available 24/7 by phone at 833-416-4925 or online at

Equal Opportunity

Our company is committed to equal employment opportunity. We will not discriminate against employees or applicants for employment on any legally recognized basis ["protected class"] including, but not limited to: veteran status, uniform service member status, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, genetic information, gender identity, transgender status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, or any other protected class under federal, state, or local law.

Commitment to Customers

NOBLE supports and supplies the DoD and Federal Government agencies. Our contracts with the U.S. Federal Government give us the opportunity to distribute trusted, brand name items to military and civilian government customers. NOBLE's mission is to be our customers’ trusted source for all mission-critical supply and logistic support.

Commitment to Suppliers

Our suppliers are the backbone of NOBLE's supply chain. NOBLE offers support for small businesses including many small business concerns; veteran-owned, service-disabled veteran owned, HUBZone, small disadvantaged and women-owned small business concerns to participate in the bidding process for government RFQs.

Using NOBLE's BRAVO portal, suppliers can view and bid on thousands of government RFQs. BRAVO contains the materials requirements for DoD bidding opportunities. The system creates a larger, more competitive number of bids than the traditional 3-bid system, adding value for DoD customers.

Suppliers can sign up here for BRAVO to begin receiving government opportunities.

Commitment to the Environment

NOBLE is committed to the protection of the environment by promoting and practicing environmental sustainability and ensuring the health and safety of our employees and contractors.

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Noble’s commitment is guided by the following principles:

  • Prevention
  • Communication and Training
  • Compliance
  • Continual Improvement


NOBLE is committed to reducing our carbon footprint throughout all aspects of our business. From holding our vendors responsible for recycling programs and coordinating transportation to conserve fuel, our team works to find solutions that are better for our customers and better for our planet.

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Commitment to Our Community

NOBLE is dedicated to exemplary corporate citizenship. We aim to foster programs that make a difference both within our corporate community and at the global scale. NOBLE has been honored to participate in recent disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico and Haiti and has worked with the DLA to assist civilian refugees of war in the Middle East. At the community level, we encourage employee participation in multiple annual events in support of our community.


As a government contractor, NOBLE takes responsibility for compliance with all government policy and regulations. NOBLE maintains ethics and compliance programs, conducts employee training in compliance, and requires reporting of any suspected violations of policies and procedures. NOBLE is proud to have earned both ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Certifications. We believe a consistent approach to continuous improvement in our business processes, combined with vigilant monitoring of our supply and distribution networks and systems, means quality achievement for us, and satisfaction for NOBLE's customers.

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Building for the Future

NOBLE is at the forefront of customized procurement for defense and government applications. We work closely with the DLA and other government agencies to provide mission-critical supply solutions. We create custom cloud supply portals to meet the specific requirements of our contracts with the U.S. Government. Our storefront operations are designed to respond to the needs of customers at each location. We take pride in the innovation and dedication of our NOBLE team, and we are continuously vigilant in preparing readiness for each unique supply situation.