NOBLE combines technical expertise and best-in-class technology with mission knowledge to continuously increase efficiency and optimize supply chain operations.

NOBLE Delivers Products and Solutions to Enable Mission Readiness

Our cutting-edge data analytics and customized user interfaces provide end-to-end supply chain visibility from order to fulfillment to delivery, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring mission readiness.

ALPHA Technology

Noble’s proprietary ERP system, ALPHA, fully integrates with Government customers’ systems to provide an online buying platform with access to products across all our contracts. With built-in approval chains, secure transactions, order history, product images, online chat with product experts, and customer service, customers can track their order to delivery.

ALPHA reports inventory levels, automates inventory replenishments, suggests product replacements, maintains SDS information for hazardous materials, generates MilStd labels, issues emails with order status, and generates routine and specialized reports.

As our customers’ requirements have grown and changed, we’ve created modules for ALPHA to meet various needs.

ALPHA Components

  • ALPHA provides an online buying platform with access to products across all our contracts and order tracking from quote to delivery.
  • BRAVO manages reverse auctions among qualified suppliers to ensure the lowest prices.
  • CHARLIE gives our contracting officers total visibility into orders, contract metrics, and reporting.
  • DELTA Shiphawk ensures the most cost-effective logistics and labeling options to meet even the most aggressive deadlines.
  • ECHO provides Google-like search indexing functionality within our catalog database of more than 1,500,000 products to help our buyers find the products customers want.

ALPHA generates contract-required reports and offers access to additional data captured by the system. It maintains all contractual data well beyond the life of each contract.