The Defense Priorities and Allocations System (DPAS) is a regulation administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce. This regulation ensures the necessary resources are available to meet our Nation's national defense and emergency preparedness needs.

How is DPAS used?

DPAS is used to prioritize national defense-related contracts and orders throughout the U.S. supply chain. The use of the DPAS is not limited to crises, emergencies, or armed conflict, and it can also provide military or critical infrastructure assistance to foreign nations. It is important to note that all companies in the United States must comply with the DPAS regulation. Purchases subject to the DPAS regulation support:

  • military programs
  • energy programs
  • homeland security
  • emergency preparedness
  • critical infrastructure

Noble's Role

Noble Supply & Logistics and its Affiliates provide a wide range of products, materials, equipment, and services to military, federal, state, and local customers. In the process of fulfilling our contractual obligations to the government, we receive DPAS-rated orders that are subject to the DPAS regulation.

How does the DPAS apply to Noble's suppliers?

Because Noble relies on our supplier partners to fulfill our DPAS-rated orders, the regulation continues to apply to each vendor, from contractor to subcontractor, throughout the supply chain. To ensure compliance, we require our suppliers for these DPAS-rated orders to accept these orders in writing and to provide preferential scheduling to meet the required delivery dates.

Read our Notice to Suppliers


Noble requires written or electronic acknowledgment of acceptance of DPAS-rated orders within 15 days for DO rated orders or 10 days for DX rated orders.

Download a fillable pdf acknowledgment