Green Products

Green Products

Green Products

NOBLE's catalog of green products is available to DoD, Federal Government and State & Local Government customers under our numerous supply contracts. It’s easy to find green products and buy them with your procurement card on NOBLE's ecommerce websites and government supply channels.

Simply search earth-friendly categories such as ENERGY STAR®, BioPreferred, WaterSense, and CPG products by using NOBLE's search filters when you shop for supplies.


The ENERGY STAR® label is recognized nationwide as the trusted symbol for energy efficiency. Behind the label is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) process that ensures independent certification of cost-saving products that meet strict standards.


Bio-based products are renewable and sustainable and ensure buyers have compelling alternatives to conventional chemical choices. Sponsored by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), the BioPreferred program drives agricultural development for bio-based products used in facilities maintenance, construction, decking, janitorial work, landscaping, grounds-keeping and many other activities.

BioPreferred is transforming the marketplace, reducing our nation’s reliance on petroleum products. Bio-based products pass a rigorous certification process for plant or marine ingredients or other intermediate materials (bioresins/biopolymers). The USDA established more than 100 categories of products with mandatory purchasing requirements for Federal agencies and their contractors.


WaterSense is a voluntary program launched by the EPA in 2006 to promote products that use at least 20% less water than standard models with equal or better performance. The WaterSense label identifies products that meet EPA’s criteria. Independent labs test and certify products. WaterSense products are available through NOBLE's portals and contract vehicles for government and military applications. Using less water saves money, energy and reduces the demand on our water infrastructure.

There are so many good reasons to be a sustainable organization.

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Minimize reliance on fossil fuels
  • Decrease greenhouse emissions
  • Mitigate air and water pollution
  • Curb waste
  • Cut water use
  • Control transportation expenses
  • Create new jobs in new industries
  • Promote our nation’s economic growth
  • Put recycled materials to good use
  • Support a healthier and safer environment
  • Meet government requirements


Products produced under the EPA’s Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG) are made from materials recovered from municipal solid waste. Federal government agencies are required to purchase products in CPG categories with the highest recovered content levels practicable. The EPA issues recommendations for purchasing products containing recovered materials as part of the Sustainable Materials Management initiative. Vendors self-declare their products to meet the minimum recovered content guidelines in CPG.

Examples of products by CPG category:

  • Construction Products: roofing products, building insulation, floor tiles
  • Landscaping Products: garden hoses, hydraulic mulch, garden edging
  • Non-paper Office Products: office furniture, plastic envelopes, plastic trash bins
  • Paper and Paper Products: newsprint, paperboard or packaging products
  • Park and Recreation Products: plastic fencing, running tracks
  • Transportation Products: channelizers, traffic cones, delineators
  • Vehicular Products: engine coolants, retread tires, rebuilt parts
  • Miscellaneous Products: mats, pallets, signage

Buying products with recovered materials ensures materials from home and office recycling programs are reused. Noble can help you meet your organization’s Green objectives.

It is easy to see which products are earth-friendly by using the filters on our e-commerce website.

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