Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

NOBLE's product portfolio contains over one million products from 15,000 established suppliers across six domains: Aerospace, C5ISR, CBRNe, Expeditionary, MRO, and Tactical.


NOBLE provides streamlined acquisition of a wide array of supplies, equipment, and materials. Our supply chain can meet any need, from specialized equipment, training, and servicing to end-to-end sustainment. Our supply chain contains products from most top industry brands across our domains.

Strategic Sourcing

Our supply chain includes international manufacturers wherever the U.S. has troops or support personnel. In addition to the established brands in our supply chain, NOBLE offers global strategic sourcing to provide goods and materials that meet the requirements of our customers, whether that entails developing a local supply chain in CENTCOM or a specialty supply chain for a complete Federal Supply Group (FSG) category such as FSG 53 Hardware and Abrasives.


NOBLE and our vendor partners work to create custom manufacturing solutions for customers when a commercially available solution is not readily accessible. We work with you to identify needs, source reliable and capable manufacturing partners, and manage the project from design to delivery, ensuring your needs and objectives are met.


Our supply chain includes multiple manufacturers of the essential gear and supplies needed, both in day-to-day operations and throughout disaster response and recovery situations.

Surge Capability: Whether responding to a military deployment or a natural disaster, there is no more critical time to react quickly with orders of supplies. NOBLE can respond to surge requirements of up to 1,000% within 24 hours. In addition, we can sustain up to a 1,000% production increase for at least 60 days by directing our manufacturers to produce and maintain inventories, sustain increased production capabilities, and ship directly to our customers.

Procurement Services Designed for Government

NOBLE works closely with the DoD, DLA, GSA, and state and local governments to provide cost-effective procurement services designed to meet specific and exact requirements of government. Our contracts with the U.S. Government allow us to provide products and procurement services covering a wide range of supply requirements. We offer the flexibility of a choice of contract vehicles, an extensive catalog, and multiple procurement channels.
Our representatives, program managers, subject matter experts, trainers, and customer service teams work directly with you to provide information, support individual needs, and ensure satisfaction. For equipment purchases, we provide complete life-cycle sustainment management that includes assisting with the generation of requirements, product selection, procurement and fielding, training and servicing, asset management, technical service, and eventual decommissioning and modernization.


At home or in theater, NOBLE has the logistics infrastructure required for mission readiness. From a single package to a full cargo plane, NOBLE quickly and dependably moves supplies to remote locations using our complex network of warehousing facilities and proven global carrier partners.
Our customized logistics services accommodate specialized labeling requirements and timely communication to units on the ground, assuring expeditious distribution of worldwide supply chain services, even to high-risk geographical areas.

Our logistics services support our customer's mission requirements.

  • Land, air, and sea transportation
  • MilStd packaging and labeling
  • Certified hazardous goods handling and storage
  • International logistics
  • Kitting & assembly
  • End-to-end inventory planning and replenishment
  • Total asset visibility from order to delivery