Tom Noble Chief Executive Officer

Tom NOBLE, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at NOBLE, is responsible for NOBLE’s strategy and value creation.

Tom NOBLE, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at NOBLE, is responsible for NOBLE’s strategy and value creation.

Since co-founding the company with his father in 2003, Tom has led NOBLE with consistent and profitable growth each year. Tom diversified the company into three primary business units while automating the order process to scale up services without adding personnel. He expanded NOBLE’s focus from solely providing e-commerce solutions to government customers to providing global supply chain, logistics services, and mission support services for our warfighters.

In 2008, Tom developed a cloud infrastructure that allowed the company to scale up without investing in expensive on-site hardware. He then designed a hybrid distribution model based on selling, buying, then fulfilling, making NOBLE competitive with the world’s largest distribution companies. Beginning in 2012, Tom expanded into Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Now a global organization, we have operations supporting our customers around the world.

Tom earned an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management and a BS in Business Communications from Boston University. His early career was in the finance industry, where he held roles in business development and equity trading. Tom was drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks, played professional hockey in Europe, and went on to win an NCAA National Ice Hockey Championship with Boston University in 1995.

When Tom is not working hard to grow NOBLE, he can be found hanging out with his wife and four young children. Tom and his wife support many local charities and believe strongly in giving back to the community. Tom and his family live in Hingham, Massachusetts.

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